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Problue Solutions

Problue Solutions, based in Northern Ireland, is a trading name for Clive Kells. I specialise in development of bespoke website and web application solutions using the Drupal framework. I am sometimes assisted by freelance developers who I manage directly on larger projects.

Problue Solutions isn't a large web design agency who rely on getting lots of new work every month to pay salaries, I don't rush through any job just to move onto the next one. I benefit when your website is a success. If your website performs for you, then I might get repeat business further developing and supporting it, or you might recommend me to a friend or colleague. So it's in my interest to make your website a success and I put every effort into making that happen.

I'm a hard worker, fair, honest and reliable. There's no big team here, no middleman or corporate wall to climb across to reach the person at the top, you'll be conversing with me directly at all times.

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Keith Borer Consultants  TI Ireland  JJ Loughran  HanslerAce Air