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Search Engine Optimisation

Improve your ranking on search engines

It's no good having a website that people can't find. That’s where Search Engine Optimisation/Search Engine Marketing comes in. We can help improve your position in search engines like Google.

Many web designers promise the earth with regards to SEO and are often unable to deliver. The industry has become completely saturated with honest triers who simply can’t achieve what they claim in their sales descriptions because SEO has in some ways become a very nebulous and opaque practise. There are also some who are nothing more than snake oil salesmen, but thankfully they are the minority.

However, there are a lot of fundamental things that can be done to help achieve good rankings in search engines, and if you get the basic things right then a big part of the job is done.

We offer a ‘kick start’ package for a one-time fee to get the fundamentals in place and provide evidence that we are achieving a relatively significant increase in your search engine ranking compared to where you started. Once we have demonstrated that what we are doing is a success, then we can do further SEO work to improve your rank from there.

The reason we take this approach is because every website is different and will offer different challenges and different competitors. Nobody can guarantee you that they can increase the search engine ranking of your website without carrying out a fair degree of analysis and tests. We don’t charge an ongoing fee for continuous SEO work unless we have established that we can achieve your aims, and you are happy that our service is providing you with value for money.

If you would like to talk to us about SEO just drop us a message and we will get back to you.

  • Tried & tested Methods

    We get the fundementals right

  • Reporting

    Transparent reporting on progress

  • Return on investment

    Our only aim is total satisfaction

Search Engine Optimisation in Northern Ireland