We develop highly tailored Ecommerce websites allowing you to sell your products or services on the internet without having to work around limitations found in many off-the-shelf systems like Shopify, Wix, Squarespace, BigCommerce etc.

We specialise in making your website do things that off-the-shelf systems can't.

Why choose us to develop your Ecommerce website?

  • We DON'T use a proprietary system with additional recurring license fees.
  • We DO use an open source platform that can be extended to do precisely what you want.
  • You are NOT locked into a proprietary ecosystem, there are no limits on functionality.



Core features you expect

Fully featured set of ecommerce tools and functionality.

Custom functionality

Bespoke, customisable, and built completely to your requirements.


Easily handle online payments in any currency.


Always speak your customer's language with translation functionality.

Payment integration

Easily take credit/debit card payments, or accept Paypal.

Mobile friendly

Responsive designs that look great on all devices, including tablets and mobiles.

We can provide fully integrated credit/debit card payments via Stripe or you can accept Paypal.

If there is another specific payment gateway that you want to use just get in touch.

We charge a one-time fee for the development of your website, we do not charge any ongoing fees for Ecommerce websites.

Most off-the-shelf Ecommerce providers will charge an ongoing monthly/annual fee, and in many cases they will also charge some sort of commission on your transaction fees. Although we do charge ongoing fees for our website hosting services, these are usually much lower than what you will pay for off-the-shelf Ecommerce providers.

Yes, we can create powerful pricing options that store administrators can leverage. Store admins can create very clever and complex pricing scenarios to entice customers and increase sales.

We can provide completely customised shipping options using 'rules' that we can define based on your needs. If you have a question about this please be sure to get in touch with us.

Yes, we can build comprehensive product variation systems for your website based on attributes and options that you define.

Yes we can build in stock keeping functionality to keep track of your stock and provide out of stock notices or prvent customers from purchasing items which are out of stock.

Yes, in addition to physical products, you can also sell digital files. This can be a fast and convenient way to deliver digital files to customers. When a customer puts a downloadable product in their cart and checks out, the shipping portion of checkout is automatically removed and a link can be provided for the customer to download their files(s), either on your website or in an email which is sent after purchase.

If you have hundreds or thousands of products then you probably don't want to create them manually. We can develop custom importers that can read your product data from XML or CSV files that many suppliers can provide, or you may have exported files from another e-commerce system - we can use these to automatically import your products.

We can provide functionality to allow customers to rate your products out of 5 stars, just like Amazon. We can also provide the ability for customers to leave reviews of your products. This functionality is totally optional. Ratings and reviews can increase trust in customers, when they see that other customers have endorsed a product they are much more likely to purchase it.

Yes we can completely customise the email templates that are sent to your customers, allowing you to tailor your email messaging to fit your brand, adding to the customer experience. Editing your store's email templates is a great way to add a personal touch and branding or you may want to include details of a promotion etc.

Want to know more?

If you have any questions or would like to get a quote please get in touch.