Browser Caching - A Beginner's Guide
Browser caching is your browser's way of saving time and resources, making your online experience faster and more efficient. While it might cause confusion during website development, knowing how to clear your browser cache ensures you see the latest changes on your website.
Enhancing Your Website's Search Experience with Search API, Facets & Autocomplete
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Why You Need a Website Maintenance Plan
A website maintenance plan is not a luxury but a necessity in the digital age. It ensures the security of your digital assets, enhances user experience, and keeps your website aligned with the latest technology trends.
Understanding Core Web Vitals and Why They Matter for Your Website
When your website loads quickly and responds to user input promptly, it enhances the likelihood of conversions. Whether your goal is e-commerce sales, lead generation, or content engagement, a smooth user experience is key to achieving it.
SendGrid - A Website Email Solution With Unparalleled Reliability
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Fighting Spam on Drupal
There are several effective strategies you can implement to fight spam and maintain a clean and user-friendly website. In this blog post, we will explore some valuable tips to protect Drupal forms from spammers.